Soy-Palm Wax - 500 g

Soy-Palm Wax - 500 g
Wax blend of soy and palm wax for candle making.

NatureWax C1, a type of soy-palm wax blend, is a cream-colored, clean-burning wax suitable for both cotton and wooden wicks.

Candles made from this type of wax are more resistant to discoloration, surface crystallization, and sinking, thanks to the palm wax content.

Place the desired amount of wax to be poured into a small metal container, then boil water in a larger container. Place the smaller container in it and melt the wax, making it easily pourable. After adding colorants and fragrances, secure the wick in the container with a few drops of wax or a wick holder sticker, then pour out the candle.

Recommended for use with container candles
Form: flakes
Melting point: 55-65 °C
Maximum fragrance content of the wax: 8-10%
Recommended pouring temperature: 43-55 °C
Binding properties: slightly shrinks when solidified, adheres well to the container walls, especially if the containers are preheated before cleaning. Let the candles rest for at least 12 hours before lighting.

Store the wax between 18 °C and 29 °C for optimal conditions. Protect it from extreme circumstances!

The soy-palm wax blend is RSPO certified, ensuring that no new forest areas are cleared for palm fat production and guaranteeing the basic rights of plantation workers and the surrounding community.

The product is not suitable for human consumption!
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