White Stearin - 100 G

White Stearin - 100 G
Stearin is one of the ingredients used in candle making. It contains natural materials, and its combustion byproduct is not harmful to health. It can be used on its own or mixed with paraffin.

After cooling, it is advisable to refill the cavities that form inside, especially around the wick. Pure stearin candles have an interesting crystalline appearance. They burn slower, and a thin lace-like layer can remain on the surface, making them unique. The high melting point of stearin contributes to its slower burning. It does not produce soot, smoke, or emit harmful substances. It is a hard material that does not deform even in sunlight.

When mixed with paraffin, it improves the burning characteristics of paraffin candles. It burns slower, is harder, and produces less smoke. Candles mixed with stearin have a whiter color and are less opaque compared to pure paraffin candles.
Recommended mixing ratio: 90% paraffin, 10% stearin.

Removing a candle from the mold: Stearin does not lose volume outside of the mold. Therefore, submerge the candle mold in warm water until the exterior of the candle softens and can be removed from the mold.

Melting point: 74 °C.

Packaging: 100 g.
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