Waxed Wick With Metal Base Pp Ø30 – 10 Cm, 1 Pc

Waxed Wick With Metal Base Pp Ø30 – 10 Cm, 1 Pc

High-quality waxed PP wick with a metal base for candles with a diameter of 30-40 mm, 10 cm in length.

The flame and the resulting heat depend on the thickness of the wick and especially the number of threads that make up the wick. The thicker the wick, the larger the flame, and the faster the wax will burn. PP wicks are made of 100% cotton, providing adequate rigidity in melted wax. They can be used for vegetable wax candles, whether scented or unscented.

Wick type/jar diameter (mm):

  • PP Ø30: diameter 30 – 40 mm
  • PP Ø40: diameter 40 – 50 mm
  • PP Ø50: diameter 50-60 mm
  • PP Ø60: diameter 60-70 mm
  • PP Ø70: diameter 70-80 mm
  • PP Ø80: diameter 80-90 mm
  • PP Ø90: diameter 90-100 mm

The recommended diameters are based on tests conducted with unscented and uncolored vegetable wax. If using fragrance and dye, it is advisable to perform tests. The product is made in France. The price is for one wick.

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