Olive Wax - 500G

Olive Wax - 500G
Kerax Olive Wax is suitable for making container and freestanding candles.
Place the desired amount of wax in a smaller metal container, then boil water in a larger pot. Put the smaller container into the pot and melt the wax, making it easy to pour.
It is 100% natural and biodegradable wax.
Melting temperature: 70-75 ℃
Recommended pouring temperature: 60-65 ℃
Form: granules
The curing time for candles made with olive wax is 48 hours.

It does not contain petroleum derivatives, animal-based materials, and has not been tested on animals.
The optimal fragrance content in the wax is 6%, with a maximum of 7-8%.

The product is not suitable for human consumption!
Country of origin: United Kingdom.
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