Palm Wax - 500 G

Palm Wax - 500 G
Kerax Kerawax Palm Wax is suitable for freestanding and container candles.

Place the desired amount of wax in a smaller metal container, then boil water in a larger pot. Place the smaller container into the larger one and melt the wax, making it easy to pour. After adding colorants and fragrances, secure the wick to the mold using a few drops of wax, then pour the candle.

Due to its hardness, it is prone to cracking. We recommend blending it with paraffin in a 50:50 ratio or with other vegetable waxes in a 30:70 ratio, where 30% is palm wax and 70% is other vegetable wax, such as soy.

Attention! This wax is sensitive to temperature changes, and the surface of the poured wax may crack due to sudden cold.

Form: flakes.
Color: ecru.
Melting point: +57°C.
Recommended pouring temperature: +55°C.
Curing time: 48-72 hours.
It does not contain artificial petroleum additives such as paraffins or synthetic oils. It does not contain animal-derived materials and has never been tested on animals.
It is 100% natural and biodegradable.
Adding palm wax to vegetable waxes extends the burning time of the candle, provides a smoother surface, and enhances the scent retention when using fragrance oils. Another significant advantage is that it is a strong and solid material, making freestanding candles made with palm wax more durable.

This product is not intended for human consumption!

Origin: United Kingdom.

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