Rapeseed Wax - 500G

Rapeseed Wax - 500G
AAK R48 type rapeseed wax for candle making, an excellent alternative to soy wax.

White in color, with clean burning properties, this rapeseed wax is suitable for use with cotton and wooden wicks.

Place the desired amount of wax to be poured into a small metal container, then boil water in a larger container. Place the smaller container in the larger one and melt the wax, making it easy to pour. After adding colorants and fragrances, secure the wick to the mold/container with a few drops of wax or a wick holder sticker, then pour the candle.

Attention! This wax is sensitive to temperature changes, and the surface of the poured wax may crack due to sudden cold.

Usage: Recommended for container candles
Form: Block
Melting point: 50 °C
Optimal fragrance load of the wax: 3-10%
Recommended pouring temperature: 45-55 °C
Binding properties: Slightly shrinks when solidified, good adhesion to the container walls can be achieved by warming the containers before cleaning and letting them solidify slowly.

Fragrances should be added at a temperature of 65-75 °C.

Rapeseed wax is free from artificial additives, completely natural, and biodegradable.

The product is not suitable for human consumption!
Country of origin: Sweden.
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